About us

Zyink cosmetics and beauty is a mother daughter run business in Foster, Victoria. We have been busy the past 2+ years, revamping, training and researching the cosmetic, beauty and aesthetic industry to be able to bring some amazing treatment and services that no one else offers.

Nerelle and Vanessa have over 30 years combined industry experience, and both have a high attention for detail and customer service.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe majority of women feel the same as we do and want to age gracefully but looking the best they can at any time of their life.

We have been able to provide world leading skin and facial treatments that are not only effective but tailored to suit everyone's individual goals, needs and budgets. Using world leading trainings and products, we have a wealth of knowledge that we want to share with the world.

We also have our own signature skin care line and mineral make up that complements our philosophy and treatment programs. With wonderful high-quality ingredients that match a lot of well-established product brands. 

Nerelle has a valuable wealth of skin knowledge. She is incredibe at getting her clients on the right skin regime and treatment plan. When shes not working in and on her business, she is usually wandering her garden with her 2 almost 12 year old pugs Mac and Milly and playing with her guinea pig Wally. She is absolutely devoted to her family especially her 8 grandkids. 

Vanessa has over 19 years hairdressing experience but in reacent years been taken under Nerelles wing and learning all things skin. With a passion for helping her clients feel and look amazing shes now our brow expert in permanent make up and paramedical tattooing. Specialising in eyebrow and eyeliner and treatment for camouflaging stretmarks and scars. When shes not working in or on her business she is running around after her 3 primary school aged kids, playing with her 2 dogs, attending to her indoor garden and enjoying a game of golf with her husband and kids. 

Thank you for stopping by, we encourage you to get in contact for any question or enquiries. We look forward to helping you on your skin journey. 

Nelly & Ness x