Our OxyGeneo facial treatment is unlike any other skin technologies. It utilizes tripolar RF for immediate results in skin tightening. It uses specialized Oxypods for facial revitalization that uses natural products to remove dead skin cells whilst oxygenation and hydrating the skin from within. And uses Ultrasound technology to increase blood circulation, improve moisture and tightens enlarged pores. This treatment is painless, soothing and is safe for all skin types. OxyGeneo 3 in 1 super facial treatment must have treatment due to its outstanding immediate results. This treatment improves texture, smoothness, plumpness, hydration, tightening and brightening. It reduces lines, wrinkles and appearance of pores. Reduces hyperpigmentation, increases collagen production. Results are visible after 1 treatment with zero down time. It is an amazing relaxing treatment that is completely pain free and suitable for all skin types. Our treatment options are:

Ultimate Galm Gold 3 in 1 Super Facial 1.5hours $295

This is the most indulgent oxygeneo facial on offer, which enhances collagen regeneration, reducing the signs of aging with real gold flakes to visibly plump and firm your skin. Silk amino acids hydrate and protect and copper reduces inflammation and is a potent antioxidant

Tripollar RF , gold galm oxy dermabrasion and ultrasound infusion.  This treatment focuses on antiaging expression areas of the entire face and neck. 

OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial 80min $250

Get immediate visible results after 1st treatment by natural skin oxygenation and infusion of powerful active ingredients to the skin, offering long tern skin texture and appearance improvement which is suitable for all skin types.

Tripollar RF, oxy dermabrasion and ultrasound infusion to the entire face and neck

Oxy pod for dermabrasion options:

* Revive to diminish signs of ageing and increase firmness

* Illuminate to brighten and even out skin tone

* Balance to fight acne and reduce oil production

* Hydrate to enhance moisture retention and improve skin metabolism

* Detox to protect from environmental damage and sooth irritation


OxyGeneo Super Express Facial 60min $200

Tripollar RF treatment focuses on expression areas of the face and jaw with oxy dermabrasion of the face and neck. treatment options:

* Super Express Neo- revive for complete antiaging

* Super Express Neo-bright for pigmentation, dull uneven skin


Package options are available for all OxyGeneo treatments.
book 2-4 treatments for 10% off
book 4-8 treatments for 20% off
packages must be paid upfront, and treatments must be redeemed by as many months.