Permanent make up

Permanent makeup or PMU is also known as cosmetic tattooing. It is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure, as we don't push the pigment as deep into the skin as a body tattoo. This is so as our facial structure and our skin changes, we can alter shape and keep colour true.

If you are considering having permanent makeup for the eyebrows, eyeliner or lips (coming soon) we will thoroughly discuss your hopes, thoughts and goals. Our services are friendly, personal, comfortable and we use world medical grade pigments, the most advanced equipment and clinical hygiene products available.

Cosmetic tattooing is beneficial for those people who, have no eyebrows, have thin sparse or uneven eyebrows, want to enhance facial features, don't have time or have trouble applying makeup, suffer from allergies and have poor eyesight.

- Powder, ombre or combo brows                                                  $650 *

- Top lash line tattoo                                                                       $400 *

- Bottom lash line                                                                           $250 *

- Bottom lash line colour refresh                                                    $150

- Colour refresh 8 - 18months                                                        $250

- Colour refresh 2 - 3 years                                                            $300

Please note - prices with * are for x2 sessions booked 4-6 weeks apart. This is a requirement for all new clients. If you are interested in more information or would like to book these services please send an enquiry through contact page.