Stretchmark and scar revision, camouflage / inkless tattoo

Until recently there has been very little treatment available in healing and recovery of stretchmarks and scars. As everyone's stretchmarks and scars differ from skin to skin and no we have options of treatment available. Your individual goals will determine your own personal treatment plan at consultation.

These paramedical tattoo procedures are being used to address imperfections to the skin. They include stretchmarks, injury scars, hypopigmentation, self-harm scars, surgical scars, skin grafts, tummy tuck scars, cancer scars, breast surgery scars, mastectomy scars, cesarian scars and even vitiligo.

Scar and stretchmark tattooing is a relatively new industry and is not like any other cosmetic procedure. The treatments are becoming widely known as they focus on addressing and restoring body confidence and self-love for cancer and self-harm survivors etc... It is not a quick fix treatment; it addresses pre-existing scar conditions that nothing else can address. Not even lasers.

We are so excited to be able of offer this service and the use of world leading product company Nue Conceal.

There are 2 different techniques 

* The inkless technique - this is the most popular technique as it addresses the scars and marks to regenerate new healthy skin. We use a medical grade serum to penetrate the skin to create a micro wound.  Its purpose is to smooth the texture and can colour correct the skin.   

* The camouflage technique - this technique is using a Nue conceal skin pigment colour to tattoo the skin to blend scars or hypo pigmentated spots into your own skin colour. This treatment only works if the skin is healthy, smooth in texture and is white or silver in colour and gives amazing results.

As we are dealing with damaged skin, we will always and highly recommend a series of LED and NIR light therapy sessions with your treatment plan to aid in ultimate healing response to your skin. LED and NIR work at a cellular level to stimulate collagen production which is important to wound healing. By incorporating these sessions, we can even reduce the number of needling sessions to reach your skin goals sooner.

Please see our page on LED and NIR for more information on the dermalux device we use.

Treatment prices are tailored and structured to your own personal thoughts, needs, goals and budgets. We highly recommend booking a FREE consultation for your treatment plan.

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